✦✦✦ SPECIAL EVENT NIGHT! ✦✦✦ A large game Ultimate Werewolf will be hosted. It is going to be amazingly fun and no worries if you are killed off early, we will have people standing by to setup side games! Let the lynching and murdering begin! --------------------------- Normal games will ALSO be running. Some popular games we play: • Coup • DC Deck Builder (or any other deck builder we can get our hands on) • Avalon • At the Red Dragon Inn • Splendor • Exploding Kittens • Lords of Waterdeep • etc... We teach games, so don't worry about knowing how to play any before you come. We love helping people discover new games and having a blast in the process! And you can bring you own! Bonus: We stream live on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/vaughnreynolds