This week I will be demoing the brand new EXCEED Fighting System by Level 99 Games! Come check out the characters of Red Horizon and beat your opponents in a 1-v-1 arcade style fighting system (using cards)! More info: http://www.level99games.com/homepage/all-news/20-new-game-announcements/171-exceed-box-1-preview-reese,-vincent,-nehtali,-and-heidi.html Got some new games in the mix as well! - Blood Rage - Akrotiri - King of Tokyo - Oni - Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn - Kazushi (unpublished) - Apex - and many more... Are you a casual gamer? Are you a totally new gamer? Are you super hardcore? ALL are welcome! Just make sure to bring your hunger and your thirst! ------ We have many games on selection, and you can ALWAYS bring your own. We teach games, so don't worry about knowing how to play any before you come. We love helping people discover new games and having a blast in the process!