Exploding Kittens – #kittenconsul

Vaughn Reynolds

Exploding Kittens – #kittenconsul
By: Vaughn Reynolds

So, what is Exploding Kittens? I’m glad you asked.

First, if you don’t know what crowdfunding is, it is a democratization of project funding. Kickstarter is specifically for creative projects. There are many other crowdfunding sites for different project types. Basically, if you have a project, there’s no reason it can’t be funded.

Some Kickstarter stats since their launch in 2009:

  • 8.3 million people have backed campaigns
  • Over $1.6 billion has been raised
  • More than 81,000 creative projects have been successfully funded

Exploding Kittens was a Kickstarter campaign proposed by Elan Lee (Xbox), Mathew Inman (The Oatmeal), and Shane Small (XBox / Marvel). These guys are experts in their fields of game design, entertainment and visual design–plus general shenanigans. 

Their proposed goal was $10,000 for funding. They made that in the first 20 minutes! AND REACHED 1000% WITHIN AN HOUR!

By the time the campaign was done they raised over $8.7m from 219,382 backers.

It was truly amazing and humbling to see something like this occur. I had personally backed it early, but followed it’s amazing path to epic funding levels breaking many records–and the sole reason why that occurred was because of genius marketing.

They achieved:

  • Most Backed Card Game Ever
  • Most Backed Gamer Ever
  • Most Backed Campaign Ever

And then they took it a step further by cleverly putting out a call to action to backers of the campaign to put together a 60-second or less video to win a chance to host a playtesting party–pure marketing gold. A 3rd party group, KittenCorps, helped them out by setting up a feed to keep track of the entrants. 116 videos were submitted for the challenge (there were many many more, but they sadly didn’t follow directions). Only 45 were chosen based on likes and if the creators wanted to have them host because they liked them.

You can watch my silly attempt at a video. We weren’t even in the top 30 for likes, but somehow managed to be chosen. It most likely because the folks over at Nerdstravaganza were amazing enough to give me a shout out when they had Alison Haislip as a guest… who just happened to know one of the guys putting the game design together! She even offered to pass my video along to them once it was posted!

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

And if you live in South Florida, or will be in the area on April 19th, you are more than welcome to come party with us, Exploding Kitten style!