Gamer Girl: Immaculate iOS Conception

By: Denise Zubizarreta

What happens when Adam and Eve fall in love? Well, according to the story they make babies. The question is, how were those babies made? Help Adam and Eve populate the universe with one bouncing sperm at a time in the new Flappy Sperm iOS game Adam and Eve – A Love Story

By tapping the screen you take this pudgy albino daddy goo to places he’s never been before, a uterus! If you miss Flappy Bird but feel you need a character that has true perseverance, this slimy little guy will wiggle right into your heart, and fertilize it with love and DNA! 

I’m not great at iOS games myself, and my addictive nature forces me to put down my phone as often as I can. When I downloaded this glorious game I realized that I found an addiction that even my mother would be proud of (she’s a doctor and stuff). I can’t manage to get my little guy to swim very far (not surprised) but I keep trying, just to see what gloriousness is at the end of his arduous expedition.

All grown-ups know what awaits our pearl swimmer at the culmination of his journey. Let’s not lie, we just want to see that cute little guy burrow himself into that egg and make a genetic digital masterpiece. Hopefully it’ll lead us to the sequel: Flappy Zygote!  

This free download by Marc Mueller offers a lot of in app purchases and a substantial amount of advertisement. If you can get past these tiny annoyances you’ll enjoy every second of making that baby gravy reach ultimate glory! Watch out for the vaginal walls, they’re quite a doozy!