Gamer Girl: MegaWars Interview

Gamer Girl: MegaWars Interview
By: Denise Zubizarreta

If you don’t know what MegaWars is you obviously weren’t gaming in the 80’s and 90’s and sadly we don’t have access to a DeLorean to enjoy it’s epicness (yes, I realize that isn’t a word). If you don’t know the MegaWars name then you probably don’t know about its prolific creator, CompuServe. These guys were combining words together before the hashtag made it “cool”. Since this is supposed to be an article and not a novel about the beginning of online gaming I’m not going to bore you with this insanely drawn out backstory about computers and users and getting to enjoy something better than Windows Solitaire.

Once upon a time there was a world where the idea of online multiplayer games was the future and MegaWars made that futuristic dream reality.

A real-time online multiplayer space empire building game changed the way gaming would be experienced forever. Sadly, MegaWars died years ago in the late 90s along with leg warmers and pretty much anything developed by SEGA! Recently, a few devotees of the game have been locked away plotting, designing and developing its resurgence to the gaming market. With millions being spent on game crowdfunding the market is prime and ready for a MegaWars rebirth!

I sat down with the guys at for a few questions about their obsession with the game and why they decided to bring it back to the world.

Why the decision to bring back MegaWars?

From the very beginning, when the game was first released, MegaWars had a following of players who were dedicated and passionate.  Our founder and CTO, David Baity, was among one of those first players.  At that time, MegaWars was unlike almost every other game on the market.  It was an MMO (albeit text based), was completely social and had a remarkable ability to suck in it’s players.

David has always had an interest in the revival of MegaWars.  Throughout the years, after MegaWars had disappeared, David had asked for the help of many former players in the reincarnation of the game.  Many lent their experience and opinions to help make MegaWars what it is today.  Over the past six+ years, David has developed MegaWars (in it’s current state) completely from scratch.  Collectively as a team, we have all invested a lot of time and energy into making this a great success.  We are looking forward to taking MegaWars from a game which a few veteran players have been playing over the past few years and attract players by the masses.

The more players there are the more fun it is!

Will the new game be a continuation, as in MegaWars 4, or will we be starting the journey all over again? 

The game is similar to MegaWars IV in objective, scoring, etc.  The shell of it is the same.  However, with MegaWars.Net (current version we will be releasing) there are enhancements to playability, simplicity in the format and maximum addicting capabilities.  MegaWars.Net has been developed on the Unity5 client to allow for the latest capabilities.

Are there plans to release MegaWars 2 as it was never released by CompuServe?

There are no plans to release MegaWars2.  Everything going forward will be based off of MegaWars.Net

How soon can we look forward to BETA? 

We are waiting to see how to best introduce Beta.  Currently, we will be ready to release beta in the next few weeks. The timing of the release, with the crowdfunding campaign is still being decided.  Certainly all of that will take place in the next three months (or less!)

What can we look forward to with the launch of the Crowdfunding Campaign? 

We are working on potential “twists” to incorporate into our crowdfunding campaign.  We will be creative in presentation of the campaign with the hopes of drawing the maximum number of supporters and dollars raised.

However, one exciting capability that we have, which is not at all common, is beta access and crowdfunding rewards.  As I’m sure you are familiar, many games offer beta access as rewards for backers’ support. However, we will not be going to crowdfunding UNTIL beta is ready to be released.  With that said, the conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign will mark the beginning of beta. Those supporters, who backed us at the proper reward level, will be able to enter the first beta war within an hour of the crowdfunding campaign coming to a close.  We are hoping that this exciting, unique capability will be a draw during our crowdfunding campaign.

Will there be social networking integration to the gameplay? 

There will absolutely be social networking integration within the gameplay.  From different communication frequencies to chat options, to social media channels to text message alerts, to an online “beg, borrow and deal” trading/sale platform, we will be completely social.  Not to mention the social aspect that is involved with PvP combat!

Within the next few months MegaWars will be a huge thing and you could be a part of that foundation by donating to their crowdfunding campaign and spreading the word like wildfire! Those games from our past are no longer just a memory. MegaWars is back people, let’s just hope they left the leg warmers in 1989!

Crimson Leaf Presents MegaWars from Swords & Circuitry Studios on Vimeo.