Top 7 Differences Between Tabletop and Computer RPG Games

Good mornin-afternoo-vening, dear Social Gamer readers and welcome to my Top 7 Differences between tabletop and computer RPG games.

I go by StefaNonsense on the Interwebs, and Vaughn was gracious enough to offer a guest spot on his website to house my video.

The things I talk about in the video might be old-hat for many, if not most of you, but I come from a very different background, which I explain in the video. Not only was I first exposed to computer games, but it would be virtually decades into my conscious life before I’d even get an inkling of the existence of tabletop role-playing games.

I realized this might be the case for many more out there, both with my background but also younger generations who were born into the full swing of the video game age. And considering how we’ve been living through a wonderful resurgence of tabletop gaming over the past several years, more computer RPG gamers – much like myself – might be looking to migrate into the tabletop realm.

Once myself and my friends decided to try tabletop RPGs for the first time we noticed a series of massive differences between the way in which we were used to playing RPGs on our computers and how we had to play them at the table.

So I’ll be talking about those differences, but I’ll be limiting myself to the in-game differences, I won’t be discussing social dynamic at the table or similar subjects, since those aren’t really my forte. Having been – let’s say – blessed with only playing with friends, I don’t have any sage advice to give when it comes to playing with people you don’t actually know.

So without further ado, here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it and that you find it either informative if you’re new to the tabletop realm or if you’re already aware of all of these, you’ll consider sharing it with others who are considering expanding their gaming to the tabletop medium.

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