Preview: Glory – A Game of Knights by Strategos Games

Update: Their Kickstarter is live! Click here to check it out!

1 – 4 Players | 30 minutes per player | Ages 14+

“In Glory: A Game of Knights, you are a young knight, whose sole goal is to become famous. You will earn your fame through tournaments, noble titles or minstrels singing about your deeds. Each turn, you spend your precious time doing actions like training, gathering allies, praying or selling your sword. You will also fight for ransom or visit your beloved lady. Prepare yourself for being a champion able to challenge other players as well as the most famous nobles across the Europe of 15th century.

I was at Origins 2018 when I first had a chance to see this game on the table. The game looks stunning, and a little bit intimidating. One of my weakest formats is worker placement… although I love to play them!

Shortly after Origins, I received a preview copy of the game in the mail. The team at Strategos Games, located in Poland, was gracious enough to offer to teach me how to play via Tabletop Simulator!

I had never used TTS before, but it was pretty easy to pick up.

Glory: A Game of Knights on Tabletop Simulator

A few months later I had the chance to play with them again on TTS and after a few reviews of the rulebook I was ready to set up the game on my own at home. Again, the game wasn’t overly complex, it was just a bit intimidating for me as it’s not one of my stronger play styles.

When I finally got it to the table it was a breeze to set up. There’s a LOT going on visually, but the game is put together in a very logical way.

Playing it at home

Each player chooses a player board. They each have different (and beautiful) art and all have the same duel action bar (more on that later). You then get dealt a basic and advanced character card. This effectively creates variable player powers in regards to income. For all of the games I played, I only chose the basic characters, so I could get a firm grasp of the rules before I tried diving deeper into the strategy and meta.

There are only 3 turns to this game! But within those turns, there are broken down into 6 phases… and you have to use them wisely! After the last phase of the third turn, there is one Title’s resolution for additional Glory (victory points) and then you will know who is the most glorious knight!

The resources you manage are:

  • Strength – Used to gain additional dice for Duels
  • Faith – Used to reroll dice during Duels
  • Coin – Used to purchase Helpers and accomplish challenges

The sets you collect are:

  • Helpers – Provide many benefits, such as setting a die value during a Duel (luck mitigation, hooray!), attack bonuses, rerolls, Glory, Prestige, and achieving Titles
  • Relics – There are four relics which provide attack bonuses, rerolls, and setting die values
  • Armour / Mount – These are the bread and butter of any knight’s life. They each start at Level 2 and you can upgrade them up to Level 4 for additional Duel dice
  • Quests – Romance, Market and Challenge cards that help you earn various effects and Glory

The goals you have are:

  • Titles – Achieved by collecting sets or other criteria, which earn Glory
  • Tournaments – A series of knightly duels which yield Glory
  • Glory (Victory Points) – The overall condition for winning

This game is extremely modular in that the locations on the board change for 2 players versus 3+, Events add new locations on the board to place your “workers”, and there are two distinct Tournament styles:

  • “Pas d’armes” – If you want to go for player versus the game, you choose this format. Less player conflict!
  • “Joust à plaisance” – If you want to go for player versus player, you choose this format! Ready your lance!

I played both formats, and they both work similarly mechanically, which is nice. It doesn’t feel like you have to learn entirely new rules for the different format, and honestly I’ve never played another game that can switch between PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) so seamlessly.

The only difference is who you’ll be dueling against in the tournaments!

All in all, this is a solid game that will fit well in anyone’s collection if they are into worker placements or love the chivalrous knight theme.

The game is coming to Kickstarter November 13th, 2019, so I’ll be adding the link to it once it’s live!

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