Star Realms Arena: In-App Tournaments For Your Favorite Sci-Fi Deckbuilder!

Vaughn Reynolds


I talk about Star Realms quite a bit, and I play the app a lot. I’ve played in more games recently because I’m in Leagues that play through a system called Challonge. It’s fun, and it has it’s ups and downs, but when White Wizard Games informed me that they were releasing an in-app tournament feature at 11 AM EST TODAY …. I WAS FLOORED! I love in-app tournaments from other games such as Clash Royale, so to have one of my favorite deck builders with them is just AWESOME.

From its beginning in 2014, the Star Realms app has been a favorite for board gamers. It was recently selected as an Editor’s Choice Pick on Android, has been featured by Apple, has won the Best Mobile BGG Golden Geek Award, and was voted as the #1 “Top 10 Apps to Own for Board Gamers” in a 2018 BGG Community Survey.

Here are live screenshots when you load up the Tournament Feature! (My name is Soulhound if you ever want to shoot me a challenge, I have all the sets and will play any combination you prefer!)

Star Realms Arena Key Features:

  • Free weekly entry into an Arena tournament
  • Weekly formats to win prizes, including digital foil cards
  • Ability to play with Star Realms expansions (without purchasing the expansions!)
  • Race to the Stars to get the Brain World avatar

They are also be releasing the United Heroes expansion as part of this update!


Full Press Release

New Arena Tournament Play, Digital Foil Cards and Heroes in the Star Realms App!

Players can now compete in weekly online tournaments to win prizes in the widely popular Star Realms app with a different format each week.

May 1, 2018 – Framingham, MA – White Wizard Games LLC, the company created by Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty, today announced that the United Heroes expansion and all-new in-app tournament play, Star Realms Arena, has been added to the popular Star Realms app. From its beginning in 2014, the Star Realms app has been a favorite for board gamers. The Star Realms app was recently selected as an Editor’s Choice Pick on the Android Play Store, has been featured on the Apple store, has won the Best Mobile BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Award, and was voted as the #1 “Top 10 Apps to Own for Board Gamers” in a 2018 BoardGameGeek Community Survey.

United Heroes is a $2 expansion with a new campaign chapter and 8 powerful new Heroes for your Trade Deck. More powerful than the heroes from the Crisis set, these cards generate a powerful effect and trigger unused ally abilities of their faction twice, once when you acquire them and again when you sacrifice them.

Star Realms Arena is a weekly tournament format with trophy stars and foil cards as prizes. In order to play in the Arena, players can download the Star Realms update, and then click on the Arena symbol in the top right-hand corner of the Play Online lobby. Each week, there is a different tournament format, and players can win prizes based on how many games they win. Once a player joins an Arena, they can play until they get 6 wins, or 2 losses, whichever comes first. All Arena games will be real-time, and extra time has been added to the clock so that players won’t feel too rushed.

Rob Dougherty, CEO of White Wizard Games says, “We are super excited about the new Star Realms Arena. Not only will players get to compete for prizes with a different format every week, but everyone will be able to play with all of our expansions in Arena.”

Arena will have a new format each week with its own special rules. Often these formats will be from the Scenarios set. For example, one week Arena may be Flare Mining, which allows each player to pay 1 trade to draw a card and then discard a card, once per turn.. The next week Arena might be Rushed Defenses which makes bases cost 1 less and ships go on top of your deck when acquired. Arena will also use specific sets each week, but players will be able to play Arena using those sets even if they don’t own those sets! All players will get one free Arena Tournament entry each week, and they can purchase or win credits to play in additional Arena Tournament that same week. The first 100 players to reach 100 Trophy Stars will receive the Brain World avatar in the app!

Arena prizes are awarded based on the number of wins. Some prizes are available in every Arena tournament (like Trophy Stars). Other prizes are only available once per week (like Credits or weekly digital Foil Cards) or once per season (like Season Avatars or Season Foil Cards).

The new Star Realms update with the United Heroes expansion and Star Realms Arena will go live at 11 am EST today. Watch a livestream of Star Realms Arena play with the United Heroes expansion tonight at 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm EST on the White Wizard Games Twitch Channel at