Don’t Get Drunk [Kickstarter] Interview with designer Matthew Williams

Don’t Get Drunk is a party game (and drinking game, but please drink responsibly) from Battle Born Games. It’s on Kickstarter right now with less than a week to go (ends Friday, April 20th). I had the opportunity to interview the designer, Matthew Williams, about the game and the Kickstarter campaign.

IASGN: Tell us about Don’t Get Drunk – which audience are you hoping to attract to this game?

MW: Ideally I would like everyone to be able to enjoy the game, while I know that won’t happen even a board game hobbyist might have a friend or family that they could easily play this game with. I would say the audience that this is best for would be people that play games like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Drinking Games (Beer Pong, Flip Cup, etc.). It’s perfect for game nights, pregaming, BBQs, and even family gatherings. My grandma might show me some favoritism in liking Don’t Get Drunk, but she actually loved playing it when there was a family girls’ night. Its a really good fit for casual gamers who like to have a few drinks.

IASGN: What’s your favorite place to play Don’t Get Drunk?

MW:  I’ve actually played Don’t Get Drunk at a variety of places; beer fests, breweries, bars, and houses. People have fun regardless of where they play it, but I would say my favorite place is at home. Just because people are a bit more comfortable in this setting and more willing to do the dares, they can get a little crazy at times.

IASGN: What are some of your favorite social games to play with friends?

MW:  I’m personally a huge nerd – I play everything. I play computers games, board games, D&D – if it has anything to do with games I’m interested. My favorite social game to play with friends as of now is, of course, Don’t Get Drunk. I also really like Unstable Unicorns, Exploding Kittens, and Pick Your Poison. There are so many good ones out there it’s hard to choose.

IASGN: Regarding the Kickstarter campaign, have you designed any other games before?

MW: This is my first time creating a board game.

IASGN: What made you design this game?

MW: I decided to make it because I love games, always have, always will, and I’m also very passionate about the bar industry – I’ve been bartending for over 10 years. I wanted to combine my two passions into one (bartending and games), so I started to make it on cardboard paper using glue sticks and markers. I presented to my friends for test playing one night and we all really enjoyed it so I just kept taking it a step further. Starting off, I had absolutely no idea how or what I was doing, but I took it day-by-day and did research every day until I got to where I am now. While I’m super focused on Don’t Get Drunk and putting all my time and energy into it, I’m already brainstorming other games I want to make.

IASGN: Which gap does Don’t Get Drunk fill in a gamer’s collection?

MW: I’d say Don’t Get Drunk helps to fill the drinking games gap. Usually, people are drinking when playing Cards Against Humanity, or similar games, but its not an actual part of the game. There aren’t many games in this category. One that is similar and popular is Drink-a-Palooza, but other than that, there isn’t much.

IASGN: How about replay value – how do you keep people playing it again and again?

MW: The game is designed in a way that there is a ton of replay value. This was important to me because I don’t want someone to spend their hard earn cash on our game and get bored of it. With the different Trial Cards – these are interactive mini-games (Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Quarters, etc.) – you never know which card or trial will be picked each time you play the game. This alone makes for a different experience every time. Also, the majority of the Dare Cards have dares and double dares on them. If a dare is picked one time, the double dare might be picked the next time, leading to a completely different never-before-seen outcome.

IASGN: The game seems like it can be pretty brutal, especially if you get some bad draws.

MW: The game is not designed to be fair. There is certainly a level of randomness and unfairness in the game – I’ve always found this sort of thing hilarious. For instance, you may get a Quiz Card correct and the card might say something like, “you’re a nerd for knowing that, move back 1 space.”  There are also long cut and short cuts in the game, so you might get screwed and have to move back at times.

IASGN: Sounds like a pretty fun game – and it’s on Kickstarter now?

MW: Yeah – we’re in the final 5 days of the campaign. It’s a race to the funding goal, but I know we can reach it!!

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter campaign – go check it out!

What’s your favorite drinking game? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Matthew Majeika is a proud husband, father, gamer, and drinker who chronicles his adventures on his Instagram page!