The Origin of the Tiny Epic Series by Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games and Scott Almes

My love of the Tiny Epic Universe began with Tiny Epic Galaxies. Coincidentally, my wife hated it. Fast forward to Tiny Epic Western, my wife proceeded to wipe the barroom floor with me, and then she fell in love. We recently picked up Tiny Epic Quest and absolutely loved our first playthrough!

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And, if you didn’t know (somehow) that there is a NEW installation to the series, go check out Tiny Epic Zombies before the Kickstarter ends in 36 hours!!!

Before I did this interview with Michael Coe, CEO of Gamelyn Games, I asked those around Facebook what they might want to know. Thanks to those who contributed, because some of your questions have been answered!

What’s the origin story of Gamelyn Games and Scott Almes? How has it evolved through the Tiny Epic series?

It all started with a tweet. I felt it was time for Gamelyn Games to start taking outside game submissions, so I put out a call for games on Twitter and Scott emailed me the game that became Tiny Epic Kingdoms. It was the first game that really blew up for both of us. So we took a serious look at what played into that success and turned it into a series. Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Defenders were both games Scott had already designed. Tiny Epic Galaxies was the first game designed specifically for the series. Now Gamelyn Games hosts a yearly retreat, and has for the past couple years, for the Tiny Epic team where we brainstorm what themes and mechanics we want to explore next. This is where we form our next year’s lineup.

What are your thoughts on Legacy games, and do you ever plan to release a Legacy-style Tiny Epic game?

I think Legacy games are very compelling. I particularly like the idea of a Legacy game that results in a replayable game instead of just being tossed out. A Legacy style Tiny Epic game was actually a big part of our conversations during our 2017 retreat. While this isn’t an official announcement that we’re doing a Legacy Tiny Epic, it is an admission that it is on our minds.

Do you plan on a “Collector’s Box” set when the Tiny Epic series is complete?

Complete!? It’s hard to even fathom the idea of saying “the Tiny Epic series is complete.” We have a lot to explore still within the Tiny Epic series. A lot! With that said, a collector’s box very well could be a thing down the road but it is not something on our desk or to-do list at this time.

What other projects do you have in the works for 2018/2019? Anything “big box” like Heroes of Land, Air & Sea?

Certainly more Tiny Epic! And even something additional for Heroes of Land, Air & Sea. We’ve also been discussing another big box game, like Heroes of Land, Air & Sea but set in space. (WOOHOO!)

Since all of the Tiny Epic games are amazing, the biggest difference between them is the theme. With that being said, what are your personal favorite themes in board games?

Medieval Fantasy is my favorite theme. That’s true for video games, movies, etc. It’s no wonder Gamelyn Games has so many set in that theme. 😉

When will see Tiny Epic Apps on Android & Apple phones across the globe?

When we feel it can be done right. This is something we’ve not wanted to rush into because we don’t feel we’ve found the right partner yet and we’re watching the viability of that industry. It seems like a real hit or miss. Mostly though, we don’t want to produce crap. If and when the Tiny Epic series comes to the app market, it will be amazing!!

Will you be opening the doors to design submissions at Gamelyn Games?

I’m sure we eventually will, but not in the immediate future. We are staying quite focused on our Tiny Epic series and our new potential Heroes series.



Zombies? Really? But no, seriously, zombies are a (un)popular theme, so what made you go with it for your latest addition to the Tiny Epic Universe?

Zombies are unpopular? We didn’t get the memo. We felt Zombies were a perfect match for the style of game we wanted. Something fast paced with a sense of danger and urgency. Zombies was an easy choice.

Do you host any game nights at your home or at a local store/eatery?

Occasionally yes. Mostly private invitation but we do also play games down at our FLGS near the time our new titles get released.

What is your favorite adult beverage (we are I’m A Social Gamer after all)?

Grey Goose Screwdriver


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Here are some more images from the Tiny Epic Zombies Kickstarter!