Tavern of Heroes Podcast: Let’s Tell a Story


Tavern of Heroes is a home-brew actual play podcast featuring the creators and co-hosts Michael and Stephen Stagliano. Each week one or both of the twins sit down with members of their cast and run through fantastical adventure stories. They all cooperatively tell a unique procedural story, while rolling dice to determine the outcome of key moments — that’s what makes it more than just a show, it’s also a game.

This is Michael and Stephen’s fourth title they’ve created under Stesso Games. This is their first podcast. They decided to make Tavern of Heroes because they LOVE playing games with friends but felt as though there wasn’t a table-top RPG game system out there that was easy enough for anyone to sit down and play. To put it lightly, they are passionate, and thrilled to be producing the show, and hope to someday soon release the game for all to enjoy.

Tavern of Heroes

Let's Tell a Story2018

The House of Unending Shadow - Part 1(Michael and Stephen Stagliano)


What was your favorite part of this first adventure?


Their first 3 episodes will go live on May 30th! Make sure to check them out and follow them at www.TavernOfHeroes.com!

ALSO! I’m A Social Gamer will be the EXCLUSIVE home of the official Tavern of Heroes episode recaps! Written by our own¬†Emmet Byrne!